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If I preorder the latest twice album will the preorder goods be available, like the Photocards set?..  
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Hi, I was wondering if you allow for bulk/group orders? And if you do, is there some kind of discount for ordering a certain amount of albums? I can''t find anything regarding your policies on this...  
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I recall people telling me that you guys only ship in the US but I was wondering if that’s changed now and if it may be possibly to ship to Canada as well now. If you do ship to Canada, how much would..  
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Hello, I was wondering if you guys will be bringing in 1st Look vol. 147 for PARK WOOJIN and PARK JIHOON of Wanna one?  
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hello! i was wondering if you will be putting Sehun''s Leon magazine for preorder anytime soon?..  
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If I preordered the BTS 2018 Season''s Greetings on Nov 21 would I still get the free shipping benefit?..  
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I was wondering if i ordered two albums and one was a preorder and the other is a album that has already been released together do they ship together or do they ship separately...  
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I was wondering if anyone knew some online coupon codes so I can maximize to albums I can get. I also have to make my cart as cheap as possible so my dad will help me pay for my albums. please help me..  
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