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I was wondering if i ordered two albums and one was a preorder and the other is a album that has already been released together do they ship together or do they ship separately...  
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I was wondering if anyone knew some online coupon codes so I can maximize to albums I can get. I also have to make my cart as cheap as possible so my dad will help me pay for my albums. please help me..  
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Do you have the korean or chinese version for Lay?..  
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The order number was ******. I put in the wrong address. Could I please get this canceled so I can re-order? Thank you so much and sorry for the trouble!..  
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how long does it take to receive a refund back into my account?..  
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I was wondering if you''ll have Boyfriend''s new mini album in store by August 12th or 13th?..  
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Hello,I was wondering when will my order be shipped out to me ? order #:******..  
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Hello! I was wondering if you plan on stocking any releases from the girl group POONA? Thank you!! :)..  
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