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Hi. I bought a going seventeen 3 albums and 3 posters. It supposed to be 2 posters in 1 album. What happen to the other 1 poster the solo? I need to buy it separately?..  
• Posted by Jhen Views: 16 Comments: (1) Read More >
Is there anyway I could buy ONLY the poster for GOING SEVENTEEN- MAKE THE SEVENTEEN ( 3rd/Pink Version)? I recently only bought the album itself and didn''t get the poster. So I was wondering if it''s..  
• Posted by Gummybears Views: 60 Comments: (1) Read More >
I preordered all three versions of Going Seventeen on November 28th and it still hasn''t shipped yet. The order was approved and the order status still says it''s processing but the money has already..  
• Posted by blueberrytrain Views: 91 Comments: (1) Read More >
hello, i had pre ordered exo''s seasons greetings and i was wondering why it hasnt shipped yet? im sorry for being impatient, but do you know when it should be shipped? thank you!..  
• Posted by Anonymous Views: 74 Comments: (1) Read More >
I ordered the album on the 6th and it hasn''t been shipped yet but it''s been approved and is processing. At the time, the limited solo member poster was still included to the regular group poster. Wi..  
• Posted by wonwoos dhar Views: 103 Comments: (2) Read More >
I noticed that my package has two shipping numbers. I ordered the Seventeen Going Album with the 6 posters. I''m a little confused as to which one to follow. One says that my package has arrived at th..  
• Posted by Mocha Views: 94 Comments: (1) Read More >
I''m sorry to be impatient but I was wondering when my album would be shipped? I want to be home when my album gets here..  
• Posted by wonwoos dhar Views: 107 Comments: (1) Read More >
Hi! Wanted to find out if I ordered for two albums (ex. DOTS and Moon Lovers ost album) tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Will I receive them in time for Christmas? Or like how long do you think it'..  
• Posted by Anonymous Views: 90 Comments: (1) Read More >