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QAC Questions & Answers / Comments

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NoticeMusic Plza : Questions & Answers / Comments are Welcome!! :) (3)  11/28/09 42517
• Posted by AyezPat
If I preorder the latest twice album will the preorder goods be available, like the Photocards set?
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• Posted by Anonymous
Hi, I was wondering if you allow for bulk/group orders? And if you do, is there some kind of discount for ordering a certain amount of albums? I can''t find anything regarding your policies on this.
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• Posted by Anonymous
I recall people telling me that you guys only ship in the US but I was wondering if that’s changed now and if it may be possibly to ship to Canada as well now. If you do ship to Canada, how much would shipping costs as well?
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• Posted by Anonymous
Hello, I was wondering if you guys will be bringing in 1st Look vol. 147 for PARK WOOJIN and PARK JIHOON of Wanna one?
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• Posted by Anonymous
hello! i was wondering if you will be putting Sehun''s Leon magazine for preorder anytime soon?
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• Posted by Anonymous
If I preordered the BTS 2018 Season''s Greetings on Nov 21 would I still get the free shipping benefit?
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• Posted by Anonymous
I was wondering if i ordered two albums and one was a preorder and the other is a album that has already been released together do they ship together or do they ship separately.
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• Posted by Anonymous
I was wondering if anyone knew some online coupon codes so I can maximize to albums I can get. I also have to make my cart as cheap as possible so my dad will help me pay for my albums. please help me out. Have a great day!
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• Posted by Anonymous
The order number was ******. I put in the wrong address. Could I please get this canceled so I can re-order? Thank you so much and sorry for the trouble!
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• Posted by Anonymous
how long does it take to receive a refund back into my account?
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